Mortein Natrguard Refill Indoor Citronella 236ml Case of 12

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Lasting as long as 58 regular aersol cans*, Mortein's Naturgard AICS will keep you and your home continuously protected from flying insects and ants.Now with a subtle Citronella scent as an added bonus!Citronella is a proven, natural, insect repellent. The Mortein NaturGard Automatic Control System is a product that controls flying insects and ants. The micro diffuser releases a mist at 15 minute intervals that keep the home protected 24 hours a day for continued peace of mind. The typical aerosol will release product in 2 second, what the automatic system releases in a period of 24 hour, and doesn’t compromise on efficacy. This means that 1 Naturgard Refill lasts as long as 58 Aerosol cans! Just set and forget!