A Vision for the Future

We at FYIonline have combined technology and wit of people to create daily impact, FYIonline’s mission is to make daily tasks easier by utilizing the power of technology and the power of people. FYIonline has taken a first look at something that is quite simple, your monthly buying, but buying together as a community.

Hence, it is referred to as community commerce.

If you buy one item versus a case or pallet of the same item, the cost is drastically different. We have to figure out how to get people living in the same area to buy together. Our priority is to remove the urgency that “Businesses” with radical sales impose on us. Shopping will not be rushed or discounted by 50%.

Discover how you can purchase through FYIonline to make a positive impact on your community, but also for you. Connect to your local FYIonline store for more information.









Rudie – FYI Midrand

am a young, passionate and driven individual who cares deeply for the people in my community and loves to see people succeed and thrive in their own personal lives. I have always been searching for more and better ways to help people where I can through services and products to enrich their lives and make a difference.

To be able to provide my community with such amazing prices on items that they use daily has awakened a fire in me that will keep rising as my community rises with it. FYIonline has truly gone above and beyond to ensure that everyone can save on their monthly expenses and live a better quality life the way they deserve.

I partnered up with FYIonline to establish this Midrand branch because their core values and ideals align perfectly with mine. Working with a company that believes in giving back is truly a blessing and allows me to be a blessing to others at the same time. I would not be partnered with any other company than FYIonline as their service and services are some of the best out there and it shines through when dealing with their clients and partners.

I am here to assist my community to save monthly, buy better and live happier!

Let me help you save!


Ektha Maharaj – FYI Umhlanga

Ektha Maharaj, an innovative, motivated and passionate entrepreneur.

Director at Digitrix_Media SA, Founder of The Verulam Community Team and now the new franchise owner of FYI Online Umhlanga.

Ektha has years of experience at managing, developing and strategizing the online presence of various national and international brands.

Bringing forth experience in developing and managing trend-aware social media campaigns resulting in an active community of followers. Adept in building engaging campaigns for users that result in higher visitor traffic patterns and greater success.

“My passion is to grow small businesses into leaders online. I believe in helping our fellow South African businesses develop the digital way by providing excellent service, diverse skills and the best results strategically. I am motivated and dedicated to developing communities around me hence the birth of The Verulam Community Team which began in July 2021 and now includes a community of almost 2000 members, feeding almost 500 families amongst providing support and continuous updates around covid 19, safety and security, community activities, small business support and so on”



Siyabonga Donga – FYI Soweto

Abdul Raheem Siyabonga Donga, is the CEO and Founder of On The Run Logistix. A qualified gemologist, specializing in Diamond polishing and evaluation. With a growing interest in emerging markets and the tech industry. An innovator at heart and a natural creative in mind.

Born and Bred in Orlando West, Soweto, he firmly understands the issues in and around most households. His primary focus as an entrepreneur is to solve the basic problems which reside


Bruce Steyn – FYI Pretoria

Over the last five years, Bruce has shifted his focus from the corporate world to health and wellness. He applied the principles he learned in his corporate background to the wellness industry, realizing how what we do now will affect us in our later years. As a result, a group of companies focused on serving the community has been formed.


Family values are important to Bruce, and he believes in holistic approaches to fitness, wellness, and parenting.


“Happy shopping, and remember if you want to go fast you go alone, if you want to go far then walk together” – Christopher Augustine Group CEO